Significant Decline Seen for Algeria's Gas Exports in 2025
11/08/2020 04:12 GMT

Algeria's gas exports will drop to 26-30 Bcm/y in 2025 from 45 billion in 2020, energy minister Abdelmadjid Attar told Ennahar TV. "Exports in the period 2025-2030 will be between 26-30 Bcm/y," Attar... More

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Bahrain Govt. Announces Revenue Decrease in H1
12/08/2020 04:13 GMT

Bahrain’s ministries and government agencies have indicated a revenue of BD910 million (US$2.39 billion) during the first half of the year (H1), a decrease of 29% in comparison to the same period... More

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Fall in Egypt’s Annual Urban Consumer Price Inflation
11/08/2020 04:12 GMT

Egypt’s annual urban consumer price inflation fell to 4.2% in July from 5.6% in June, the central statistics agency CAPMAS said on Monday. Month on month inflation increased to 0.4% in July from 0.1%... More

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Iran-Russia to Launch Permanent Marine Route
12/08/2020 05:37 GMT

Iran and Russia plan to launch a permanent shipping route in the Caspian Sea for trade via container ships, an official said. A member of Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce, Jalil Jalaifar, added... More

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Iraq-US Energy Ties, Once Seen as Oil Deal Bonanza, Mired in Geopolitics
12/08/2020 04:13 GMT

Iraq's energy ties with the US, which were supposed to yield oil deals following the 2003 invasion, have been whittled down to waivers to OPEC's second biggest producer to import Iranian electricity... More

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Proposals to Cut Expats in Kuwait Reviewed
11/08/2020 04:12 GMT

Thousands of expats in Kuwait are expected to leave the country as talks over the decision have started between the government and the National Assembly human resources committee. The government and... More

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Repair Work on Libyan Oil Fields Almost Completed
11/08/2020 04:45 GMT

Libya's Waha oil fields have had work carried out on them to maintain the production and service facilities after they were offline for more than seven months due to an oil blockade, senior oil... More

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Port of Duqm Looks Forward to Becoming Transhipment Hub
12/08/2020 04:14 GMT

Conceived initially as a multipurpose port anchoring a mega industrial and economic hub, Port of Duqm has outlined ambitions to become a major transshipment hub for a range of cargoes. Reggy... More

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QFMA Approves Qatar Stock Exchange Rules Amendments
11/08/2020 04:12 GMT

The Qatar Financial Market Authority (QFMA) has approved certain amendments of the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) rules relating to market maker and liquidity provider, a move that is seen to greatly... More

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Saudi Arabia

Bechtel Grabs Saudi Neom Deal
12/08/2020 04:48 GMT

Bechtel, a global leader in engineering, procurement and construction, has secured a major contract for executive project management work on the development of the primary, base infrastructure for... More

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Kleindienst's Major Tourism Project in Dubai to be Completed in Q4
12/08/2020 04:13 GMT

Leading developer Kleindienst Group said construction is in full swing on the Côte d’Azur, a cluster of four resorts coming up within Phase One of its US$5 billion leisure tourism project, Heart of... More

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Yemen's UNESCO-Listed Old Sanaa Houses Collapse in Heavy Rains
10/08/2020 08:47 GMT

Houses in Yemen’s UNESCO-listed Old City of Sanaa are collapsing under heavy rains, as months of floods and storms assail a country already reeling from war, food shortages and disease. Workers... More

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General News

ME M&A Deal Values Fall
12/08/2020 04:14 GMT

Merger & acquisition (M&A) deal values and volume in the Middle East decreased by 58% and 26% respectively in the first half (H1) of the year from H1 2019, according to the latest report by global... More

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